Why Sprouts Are The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss?

best breakfast for weight loss

Are you concerned about weight loss? But can’t keep yourself from eating? The solution is simple. Eat something healthy. If you think healthy food lacks taste, we have the best breakfast for weight loss to prove you wrong. 

Sprouts are often underrated for the goodness of taste and health benefits they carry. You should know that sprouts make up an easy breakfast for weight loss. Read further for some interesting recipes and health benefits of sprouts. 

How Sprouts Aid Weight Loss? 

Sprouts possess all the properties that a perfect weight loss meal should have. 

  • High Fiber: Sprouts are rich in fiber. Since fiber provides the feeling of fullness, your food intake automatically reduces, helping weight loss. 
  • Low Calories: Calorie count in sprouts is known to be extremely low. Studies prove that low-calorie breakfast helps in getting a good body shape and reduce weight. 
  • Protein-Rich: Raw or lightly cooked sprouts are a great source of plant-based protein. A protein-based diet is a good way to reduce abdominal fat. 
  • Low Fat: Because of low-fat content, sprouts are perfect not only for breakfast but lunch too. 
  • Better Digestion: Sprouts are rich in soluble fibers that make the digestion process smooth. Good digestion prevents the accumulation of any toxins in your body and supports weight loss. 
The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss
The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss

Easy Best Breakfast For Weight Loss 

Sprouts Sandwich 

Give a healthy twist to your regular sandwich by adding sprouts filling to it. A quick recipe to make this sandwich is here for you.

  • Spread sliced cucumber, onion on a slice of bread. You may also include cream cheese if you are not too conscious. 
  • Add alfalfa sprouts to the layer and sprinkle sea salt according to taste. 
  • On the other slice of bread, add mustard and place it upside down. Your sprout sandwich is ready to serve. 

Sprouts Salad 

Bored eating the plain vegetable salad? Here’s something different. 

  • Add peeled and chopped onion, cucumber, and tomato into a bowl. Then add some grated coconut. 
  • Roast some peanuts on one side and boil sprouts at the same time. 
  • In a mixing bowl, add walnuts, grated coconut, chopped veggies, and roasted peanuts. Also, add lemon juice and sizzle it with salt and some spices. It’s ready to serve. 
breakfast for weight loss
Breakfast For Weight Loss

Sprouts Uttapam 

If you are not so much in love with the classic uttapam, try adding sprouts to it. Here is a quick recipe to make it.

  • Steam boil sprouts for few minutes and set them aside. Add semolina, salt, and water in a bowl and form a thick batter. 
  • Take another bowl and add green chilies, grated carrots, boil sprouts, salt, and mix it. You can also add other veggies of your choice. 
  • Take a griddle and preheat a half tablespoon refined oil. Spread a scoop of semolina, shape it like a disk and let it cook. 
  • Sprinkle the sprout mixture on the batter and let it turn golden brown from the other side. Keep the flame medium. 
  • When both sides cook well, serve the uttapam with chutney or sambhar. 

Sprouts In Oats 

If you prefer oats every day for breakfast, try adding some sprouts to make it healthier and nutritious. You may add your favorite fruits if you like it sweet. This crunchy oat breakfast will let you enjoy it with some change. 

You can make some easy and healthy breakfast for weight loss using sprouts in the most experimental forms ever. Eat healthy, stay healthy! 

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