Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe

Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. It helps in keeping us healthy and provides all the essential nutrients. There are so many types of breakfast around the globe. The taste and look also differ from each other. Various cultures around the world believe in eating the first meal king-size. Below are examples of different breakfast choices around the globe.

Breakfast Around The Globe

Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe
Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe
  • United Kingdom: Full English or cooked breakfast is common in the UK. This great English breakfast keeps us energized the whole day. The typical English feast includes eggs, sausages, bacon, and black pudding occasionally and few vegetables like baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and at times fried potatoes also.
  • Malaysia- Typical Malaysian dish is nasi lemak. And here ‘nasi’ refers to rice and ‘Lemak’ means fat rice.  This dish accompanies red sauce, sliced cucumber, hardboiled egg, and peanut. There are lots of varieties of nasi lemak.
  • Srilanka- In Srilanka there are different dahl, varieties of roti and hoppers, mouth-watering coconut curry and fresh coconut sambal spiked with chilies.
  • Philippines- Particular Filipino breakfast consists of bread rolls, rice and chocolate hasty pudding, garlic fried rice and meat. Meat includes sausages, beef, sweet pork belly, and salted duck eggs.
  • China- It differs from region to region, but the combination of deep-fried dough sticks and hot soya milk is everybody’s favorite. Other popular dishes are dim sums and hot soups.
  • Brazil- Plate of ham, cheese, bread, strong coffee, and milk is a relish in Brazil. Thick soup prepared using black bean and different meats called feijoada people serve in the morning.

Some More Examples Of Breakfast Around The Globe

  • France- Coffee and bread are often taken during the first meal of the day. People usually soak their buttered bread into the coffee.
  • India- In India, breakfast differs from region to region. Usually, a tray full of different chutneys, rotis, dosa, and idlis are served.
  • Italy- In Italy, people start their day with coffee and brioche covered with jam or filled with chocolate.

Best Breakfast Around The Globe

  • Hagelslag (The Netherlands)- Famous sprinkles come in different shapes and sizes and tastes with fruits and chocolate. Dutch and Belgians people not only relish it on ice creams; but also over buttered bread and toast. It is not considered healthy but a great way to start the day with high sugar.
  • Masala Dosa (India): Indian prepare a crusty and light pancake using rice batter and lentils and stuffed with potatoes, onions, and spices. They usually offer it with curry sauce and coconut chutney. The masala dosa is a delicious delight that is not too heavy nor to light.
Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe
Different Types Of Breakfast Around The Globe


Different countries relish different types of breakfast. Taste and presentation both vary from country to country. People enjoy the first meal in one or another way in countries around the globe.  The usual looks of the first meal platter tell about the food culture and approach to this fast-breaking meal.

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