“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day

“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day

People often think fasting will lead to weight loss. It is a huge misconception. Skipping meals rather slows down the metabolism. However, one may eat light dinner or lunch, but one should never skip “Breakfast”. Eating breakfast every day is very important to keep you active and energetic for the whole day. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, consumed after a gap of six to eight hours. Breakfast is the only source of nutrients to make up for the energy lost while sleeping.

Benefits Of The First Meal

“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day
“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day
  1. Breakfast reduces the craving of hunger- If we have a nice healthy meal in the morning., it helps to reduce the hunger craving the whole day. It is full of high fiber and is full of nutrition. It helps to stay energetic and full for the next four to five hours.
  2. Helps to eat less in the next meals to come- If we eat healthy in the very first meal we tend to eat less in the following meals that are lunch and dinner. But when we skip breakfast, we tend to eat much more than the regular diet.
  3. Helps to prevent the risk of diabetes-Studies have shown that all those who eat this meal have a lesser chance of getting type 2 diabetes. Never skip it. It helps to stay away from other diseases like obesity and heart diseases.
  4. It helps to lower the body weight- Eating a regular healthy breakfast helps to stay fit and healthy. Breakfast helps to eat less and also helps to reduce body weight. It helps to keep the BMI levels normal.
  5. It helps to concentrate on the work given- If we have a proper healthy breakfast, it helps to concentrate on the task given. This meal also helps to increase memory and improve concentration levels.

Why Not Skip Breakfast?

“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day
“Breakfast” The Most Important Meal Of The Day
  1. All those who skip breakfast have a higher risk of gaining weight. When people skip it, their weight increases as they tend to eat more.
  2. Higher risk of heart diseases. All those who skip it have a higher chance of getting prone to diseases.
  3. Low energy levels. One experiences low energy levels when one skips breakfast.
  4. If the body is food-deprived for a long time, it goes into the fast mode which results in higher acidity levels.
  5. Blood sugar levels decrease greatly if we skip this meal.
  6. Decreased levels of nutrition in the body. All those who do not eat it have less nutrition intake.


People should always follow a healthy routine. A healthy routine includes living life with a set of rules. Like eating right, working out, sleeping well, etc. The first and foremost discipline that people should stick to is healthy eating habits and it begins with a healthy breakfast.

It is the best meal of the day. Never skip it. It is the energy booster meal of the day. It provides high metabolism levels.  One tends to eat more when one skips it. It leads to decreased energy levels. When the body is not energetic, its overall performance levels decrease.

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